October 30 2020

Hit wonder Frenna and protégé Philly Moré join forces again on ‘Amiri Jeans’

Ghanaian Dutch rapper and singer Frenna once again proves why he’s among the hottest Dutch artists with his latest track ‘Amiri Jeans’ together with one of 777 records most promising signings Philly Moré. Frenna is in a winning mood as his platinum album ‘Francis’ is currently celebrating 100 weeks in the top 100 album charts, and with this release, and many promising upcoming projects, Frenna is nowhere near slowing down.

Listen here

The idea for this fire collaboration with Philly Moré, who received a golden record last year for his first own release ‘Tranen In De Studio’ featuring Snelle, originated during a studiosession at Frenna’s home. After hearing the beat, Moré immediately contacted Dutch producer Spanker, and the rest is history. The guys describe the track as a bad man tune and we couldn’t describe it any better ourselves.

Frenna and Philly Moré already achieved great success together on ‘Dansen Op Labanta’ ‘Only You’ and ‘Rollercoaster’ and have the ability to continuously inspire each other. “Besides seeing him as family, I think Philly is one of the most promising artists of the moment, his versatility is limitless.” says Frenna. The duo’s constant striving for bigger and better means that ‘Amiri Jeans’ promises to be a great success.

‘Amiri Jeans’ is out today, October 30th, and can be streamed everywhereWatch the music video here