July 6 2017

Go check out ‘Mi Gente’ the new track from J. Balvin and Willy William

Last Friday J. Balvin and Willy William released their track ‘Mi Gente’, which already has a crazy amount of views online. And the reviews are positive:

“THE PLAYLIST (Lead Pick): Let J Balvin’s global savvy never be underestimated. His new single, “Mi Gente,” produced by and featuring Willy William …is a club anthem paced at a slow gallop…something just different enough to sound new.”- The New York Times

“Watch J Balvin’s New (Fantastic) Video ‘Mi Gente’: J Balvin’s new single “Mi Gente” (My People), featuring French artist Willy William, dropped today along with its fantastically styled video. And we love it. Balvin has long stretched the boundaries of reggaeton, and here, he busts them wide open with genre-bending beats that fuse African, electronic and Caribbean sensibilities. The video, an explosion of color and dance featuring people from around the globe, is all about unifying through music…With various cameos, including Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi, this is one fun ride.” – BILLBOARD

“J Balvin Wants To Bring Latino Culture To The World With ‘Mi Gente’ – The Colombian artist is hoping to erase ‘barriers of races, colors, continents, genres or languages.’ J Balvin’s new single (Mi Gente With Willy William) is all about his people. Balvin’s lyrics point to the artist’s desire to dominate the global charts, while uniting fans across the globe with an infectious beat. ‘My music doesn’t discriminate against anyone,’ he says at the beginning of the song.” – Huffington Post

Please, go check out the video below.

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