December 21 2018

Gianluca Vacchi teams up with Neapolitan singer Alessio on Wagliò

Gianluca Vacchi’s passion for all things Latin continues with the vibrant flavour of his latest single Wagliò, an impossible-to-resist collab with fellow Italian vocalist, Alessio.

Stream ‘Wagliò’ here

Gentle tropical flavours colour this irresistible track with its eclectic global sound. Vacchi’s spoken word vocal gives the intro a dramatic feel before a flamenco-flavoured guitar line cascades over a chunky tribal beat. Next comesAlessio’s impassioned vocal in Neapolitan dialect, oozing over delicate guitar picking and warm bass tones. A big build-up drops us back into that big beat, making for a triumphant climax. It’s the sound of a thousand beach and boat parties kicking into overdrive, perfectly embodying the spirit of everything Vacchi stand for.

Gianluca Vacchi is the fast-living, life-loving business entrepreneur-turned-DJ-and-artist whose social media antics have amassed him an enormous following. With a long list of celebrity friends and musical collaborators, he is quickly forging himself a name as a major name in the Latin electronic scene. With his VIBRA! residency this summer at Amnesia in Ibiza and hit singles likeSigamos Bailando and Trump It!, he is making his love of music known to the wider world.

Alessio hails from Naples and is one of the leading lights of city’s ‘neo melodica’ scene. The genre blends traditional Neapolitan love songs with pop, Spanish guitar and electronic elements to powerful effect. With 11 albums to his name and acting credits in Gommorah (both the TV series and film), he is a genuine star.

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