February 27 2018

Gianluca Vacchi shared some facts about himself with People Magazine

Maybe it’s his quirky dance moves, or the tattoos that drape his lean, muscular body or his hip urban style, but Italian DJ Gianluca Vacchi, who turned 50-years-old last August, exudes a life-affirming joy that’s transfixing. (A mere video of himself dancing to J. Balvin’s “Machika”on a boat in Miami surrounded by beautiful women garnered 7 million views!)

The heir to a company that specializes in industrial packaging and pharmacy according to Billboard has already amassed 11.4 million followers on Instagram and re-invented himself as musician — last fall, he released “Viento,” a dance tune that pays homage to his Argentinian roots and earlier this month, he dropped single “Trump-It.” Vacchi often travels the world on yachts and jets amid gorgeous women and Latin music’s hottest stars, including Pitbull, Luis Fonsi and J.Balvin with whom he collaborated on the music video for “Mi Gente.”

Balvin, says Vacchi, is more than just a creative collaborator: “I’m super good friends with him. We are brothers,” he says. “Every time he has a new song I support him.” The DJ tells PEOPLE CHICA that the Colombian singer was thrilled with his “Machika” dance video: “It was great, he loved it!”

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Gianluca Vacchi