March 22 2019

Gianluca Vacchi debuts on Armada Deep with ‘Come On And Show ‘Em’

After conquering the world on so many different fronts, Italian celebrityGianluca Vacchi decided to follow his dreams in music, and it seems he couldn’t have made a better decision. After releasing his music on a variety of other labels, the Instagram star and emerging musician made his debut onArmada Deep today with a track that’s as colorful, vibrant and extravagant as his lifestyle and personality: ‘Come On And Show ‘Em’.

Listen to ‘Come On And Show ‘Em’ here

Setting the vibe just right with hypnotic vocals and punchy kick drums on a backdrop of evolving pads, ‘Come On And Show ‘Em’ serves as a testament toGianluca Vacchi’s musical potential. Built on intriguing melodies and inspiring chord progressions, this track is bound to wow the crowd and take them on a delightful journey.

Entrepreneur. Social media star. DJ. Producer. Gianluca Vacchi is a man who triumphs whatever he puts his hands to. His athletic, hedonistic, daredevil playboy antics on social media made him a star whose charisma people were naturally drawn to, and after amassing an enormous following, he decided to follow his dreams in music. Having made his passion and commitment for music clear by announcing the launch of his DJ and production career, he has quickly become a major force in the music industry —and he’s only just getting started.

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