June 5 2020

GAWP releases extraterrestrial new track ‘Moon’ on Heldeep Records

GAWP returns to Heldeep Records with his brand-new mystical banger ‘Moon’. A stunning result of a lifetime spent in the studio perfecting his craft, ‘Moon’ is another stunning GAWP production completed with a bouncy baseline, distorted kicks, electrifying elements and enchanting vocals. The blend of his signature unique sounds proves that GAWP has found his area of expertise and is here to stay.

Listen here

A spine-tingling intro charged with cosmic ambience showcases a distinct female voice, demanding a celestial voyage, to create the perfect stellar sensation. A thrilling snare roll backed by throbbing synths and looped vocals leads toward a dramatic drop that keeps on giving. With a dark bassline, kinetic samples, and galactic synths little else is needed to see this track secure a prime spot among dance music enthusiasts.

After releasing two tracks on Heldeep Records last year, GAWP’s latest opus ‘Moon’ is a perfect follow-up to his already unique and well-established sounds. It proves that GAWP’s relentless pursuit of perfection rewards.

‘Moon’ is out now on Heldeep Records!

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