March 16 2021

Frenna releases his brand new album ‘Highest’ with his first ever English solo track

The Dutch rapper, singer, entrepreneur and father Frenna releases his new bilingual album called ‘Highest’. The album contains both Dutch tracks and international features with none other than the Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade and the British rapper Young Adz from the collective D-Block Europe. ‘Highest’ is Frenna’s fifth solo album but is the first album to include an entirely English song by Frenna called ‘Come Thru’. The album is available as of today.

Listen here

The album was actually supposed to be released earlier this year, but due to the corona crisis Frenna had the chance to put his career and life into perspective and decided to take more time to make this album. Taking a break, spending time with family, and reflecting on the past couple of years, brought him new perspectives and inspiration. Frenna originally planned to include only English tracks with international featuring artists, but eventually decided that some of his Dutch tracks couldn’t be left out. The result is a multilingual album which combines the best of both worlds: Dutch hits with English bits, expressions and slang, and international features.

The eagle is one of the strongest birds of prey; high up in the sky overseeing everything and everyone. I’ve come a long way in the urban and hip-hop world and I have made certain choices and moves that are unprecedented in hip-hop culture. Because of this, my friends started giving me the nickname The Highest. The Highest Capo. Eventually, the eagle became the symbol of that status and nickname.” says Frenna about the album cover.

From the age of nine to fifteen years old, young Francis Junior Edusi lived in Ghana, his parents’ country of origin, where he absorbed the West African music culture. Fast forward to 15 years later, Dutch, Ghanaian, Nigerian and British sounds all come together on Frenna’s album. International features include the British rap formation NSG (‘Guestlist’), the Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade (‘Handle it’), famous for the contributions to Beyoncé’s album ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ and its accompanying movie ‘Black is King’, the British rapper Young Adz from the collective D-Block Europe (‘Maandag’), and Ghanaian highlife and afrobeats singer-songwriter King Promise (‘Amazing’).
With ‘Nairobi’, made especially for his newborn baby daughter, and ‘Als Je Wist’ Frenna shows his fans a more personal side. A side he also showed some of his befriended artists and entrepreneurs, like Défano Holwijn, Hef, Rotjoch, 4ShoBangers and Jefferson Osei from Daily Paper, during an intimate listening session and release party last week.
In 2020, Frenna received a multi award for reaching one billion streams worldwide and is only the second Dutch rapper to have achieved this milestone. Few Dutch-speaking artists have conquered the international scene but Frenna, who was already well on his way, continues his journey to global success with this album.
To celebrate the launch of ‘Highest’, Frenna shares the music video for ‘See Me Ball’ which is live here today.