February 20 2021

Florian Picasso lit up Pablo Picasso’s atelier combining two artistic worlds in an exclusive livestream with artist Cyril Kongo

The astonishing show caught the attention of millions worldwide all while Florian and Cyril supported an orphanage in Vietnam

Cannes, 20 February – On Saturday February 20th, Florian Picasso brought the world a unique experience, performing from the living room of the Picasso ‘Villa Californie’ in Cannes which was transformed back into Pablo’s Atelier for one night only. The mesmerising location, countless artworks combined with the dynamic of the artists and stunning visuals, exceeded all expectations. Florian brought Pablo’s atelier to life with music and art, delighting millions of people around the world.

Click here to watch the spectacular show

Spending his time between Geneva and Cannes, the house, which used to belong to his great-grandfather Pablo, is an exceptional place of inspiration for Florian who produces most of his music there. For this occasion only, the room was transformed back to its original state to resemble what it used to look like when Pablo was working there, filled with paintings, sketches, and sculptures. During Florian’s set, artist and graffiti pioneer Cyril Kongo brought a sensational extra dimension to the show by painting several artworks beside him. To make the show even more memorable, Kongo painted a CDJ 3000 donated by Pioneer DJ, creating a one of a kind piece.

“It was such a blessing to be able to serve a good cause and give back to my roots by combining music and art” says Florian.

Both being of Vietnamese origin, the two artists decided to auction all the pieces Cyril created during this special show and to donate all the proceeds to an orphanage in Vietnam. This was made possible in collaboration with Maria Bravo and Eva Longoria’s Global Gift Foundation.

Florian Picasso