August 13 2017

Essential Ibiza had a chat with Oliver Heldens about his Ibiza season

Hï Ibiza is enjoying a spectacular first summer on the island, with every single party proving a massive success. One of the recipes for that success are the stellar lineups, and Hï Sundays is one of the star-studded examples that proves just that. Essential Ibiza caught up with Oliver Heldens, one of the party’s mainstays, to see how the season was going and what we can expect in the near future.

Hi, Oliver! Hï Ibiza is such a fabulous new venue, isn’t it? How is it different playing in a superclub like that to playing anywhere else in the world?
“It really is! The biggest difference in Ibiza is that many people here have come from different countries, or even different continents, and they come here for the music and to party. There’s a lot of different nationalities all in one place, and they’re all there for the music, so that’s a really nice thing.”

What was the inspiration behind your new track Ibiza 77?
When I made the track I was really inspired by the base in the Giorgio Mororder and Donna Summer collaboration I Feel Love. In fact, that’s also why I called the track Ibiza 77 – as a little homage to the Donna Summer tune.

This year you’re hitting the festival circuit as well, how do you keep your energy up during a busy summer?
I don’t drink much alcohol, so that helps, and I can sleep everywhere! But although I’m sometimes really tired before a show, usually when I get on stage I’m full of energy in front of the crowds – the adrenaline kicks in. I’m never nervous, not anymore… when I started I used to be really nervous, but now I’m very relaxed – of course I’m excited, but I’m not nervous or stressed or anything. So that helps a lot, I think.

So you’re set to do a free dive to raise awareness for ocean pollution. Are you nervous?
Erm, no not nervous! But I still have to do a lot training before I can do it. I think it’s going to be fine, though.

And how important is it to you to use your profile to raise awareness for things like ocean pollution?
I think it’s really important that people with reach do stuff like that. It’s such an important cause, because it’s everyones future. But also for me personally, it’s a really fun challenge to take. So if at the same time I can raise awareness, it’s a win win.

When you’ve got time off from DJing, what do you do to relax?
I like to play video games or make new music. Making music is so relaxing for me. I also love sports – tennis, soccer and hockey. I’m someone who would rather play games or do things than watching a TV series – I’ve never finished a single series, actually!

Obviously Hï Ibiza is incredible and a lot has been made of the technology and the theatrics – what’s it like to play there from a DJ’s perspective?
It’s really sick! It’s beautiful… I think for the crowd it definitely adds something to the experience, all the stuff going on. It’s also really impressive how they change the whole setup every day, it’s really special.

So we’re well into the season now – halfway through. How’s the residency going?
Really good. Yeah, I’ve been really happy with the crowds – there have been really good vibes. It’s a really sick lineup, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the island away from the party circuit?
I like to eat! There’s really good food here! Also, I do like to be in the ocean and to swim when there are big waves, but I don’t like sitting in the beach in the heat.

And where’s your favourite restaurant on the island?
Well this [Cas Costas market and grill, where the interview is taking place] is where we eat the most and I really like it here – yeah, I would say this is my favourite restaurant.

What’s your best memory of Ibiza?
Of course, all the shows have been really good, they bring good memories – but last year, I brought my brother and two good friends out here. We were here for four days and it was really fun, we went to some clubs and were just chilling during the day.

You have and will continue to share the booth with a lot of big names – who have you most enjoyed playing with and why?
I don’t think I can pick one… I think in general, the way Hï Sundays are set up is really good – it usually starts with people like Sam Feldt or Robin Schulz, and then Don Diablo – they play very melodic. Then I play from about 3.00 – 4.30, and I start to play a bit more clubby and then after me is usually Steve Angello, and that’s a really nice way to finish the night. It’s very diverse, but there’s a good flow to the whole evening.

What should we be looking out for in terms of production from you?
I’m working on a lot of new stuff, and some very different stuff – some of it is has vocals and is a little bit more poppy, whereas other stuff is very heavily techno influenced. I’m mostly working on club tracks – tracks to play during my sets. I’m able to make a lot of new music on the road, so people should expect a lot of new music.

Source:  Essential Ibiza

Oliver Heldens