April 2 2021

Dutch soul sensation Joshua J returns with sumptuous single ‘Loving You’ via Ledo

Joshua J returns with another stunning single, the third track taken from his upcoming ‘Better Times’ EP. The gorgeous ‘Loving You’ keeps his soul sound burning after the success of previous singles from the upcoming EP, ‘Call Me’ and ‘No Reply’.


Jazzy, melancholy, trembling guitar licks set the mood of the track, suggesting a balmy summer evening. Joshua’s thick vocal harmony stack drops in with the chorus along with the warm bass tones and head-snapping, stripped-back beat. His effortless delivery flits between lazy raps and soaring, jazz-inflected melodics and soulful crooning, giving the track a mellifluous, undulating flow.

“I feel blessed to be surrounded by a lot of people that are easy to love. The moment I started writing this song was the moment I realized that my surroundings are influencing me in a very positive way. The exchanges of good energy between me and my loved ones happen effortlessly. I wanted the song to translate that particular feeling.” – Joshua J

Beautifully produced by Amsterdam based duo Levi Levi, it has a laconic feel where each snare hit and kick throb is pleasingly clear, and the muted trumpet solo that meanders its way through the latter half of the track is the icing on the cake. Once again, Joshua J shows himself to be a master of performance, arrangement and heartfelt lyricism.

The Dutch-born, West African-decsended Joshua J has previously found favour with the likes of Julie Adenuga on Beats 1, counts over 5 million Spotify streams to his name, and has warmed up for the likes of Anderson.Paak, Saba and the legendary Boyz II Men in the live arena. He started singing by accident almost, putting down some rough vocals for a beat he’d been making, and it quickly became apparent to anyone he showed the track to, that he had a serious talent on the mic.

With these three beautiful singles in the bag, the EP is shaping up to be an absolute joy. Content creators can access each track on Ledo, the new collab-house platform with a Free Music Library.

Joshua J