August 21 2020

DROELOE returns with the long-awaited masterpiece ‘Open Blinds’

After the success of ‘I Can’t Wait’ early summer, DROELOE now returns with the long-awaited masterpiece ‘Open Blinds’, which is out now on bitbird. The part music and part art project DROELOE, are known for perfectly combining stunning visuals and sonic sounds, taking the emotive experience of dance music to another level

Following DROELOE’s usual approach, this track again has a deeper meaning to it and symbolizes the pressure one can feel throughout the day. This is perfectly mirrored by a calming yet heart racing intro featuring melancholic vocals, immediately setting the tone for ‘Open Blinds’. Unique sounds accompanied by a clean baseline and a timid snare roll seemingly make way for a minimal break, succeeded by a bolder rise and an euphoric drop. Distorted vocal chords take a leading role as the energetic drop progresses and fills up with electronic samples and triumphant horns. At 90 BPM,‘Open Blinds’perfectly lines up with an excited heart rate and proves once again that DROELOE’s creations go beyond music.

Producer/composer Vincent Rooijers shares, “Open Blinds is about the pressure that life naturally has (especially in the morning) and how a fear of not being productive enough or a feeling of not spending your time right, can only be solved by basking in those emotions. This track is a continuation of ‘The Choices We Face’ and serves as a form of affirmation to choose to spend my time with what feels right without worrying too much about what could have been.”

To some DROELOE is known for its outspoken remixes for the likes of Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez along with collaborations with San Holo and Zeds Dead. To others, the project is known for its one of a kind and praised audio-visual craft.

‘Open Blinds’ is out now on bitbird!