November 20 2020

DJ and producer Aspen King delivers fierce sound of ‘Falling’

DJ and producer Aspen King has acquired an immense taste in electronic music over the years. Coming from a techno & house background, she puts her own unique twist to her productions. With her latest track ‘Falling’ Aspen King now debuts on Heldeep Records and she’s ready to show the world what she’s got.

Listen here.

Kicking off the track with a catchy beat that cuts through the track, Aspen Kingknows how to get your attention right from the start. Shortly after a stunning voice is added, which intertwines with the uplifting beat perfectly. Punchy, chunky beats pump the track along and the reverbs and pitch-shifting sounds continue to keep your attention until the last beats have faded away.

Proving her diversity once again, Aspen King’s diverse background pays off on ‘Falling’. After making her debut in 2018 the rising talent has gained recognition in the music community among others her slamming EP ‘Say Something’ Aspen King has proven to be one to watch!

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