August 28 2017

Diario de Ibiza calls Oliver Heldens ‘The boss of future house’

Oliver Heldens is a dutch dj, producer and actor. It is one of the main references of the new genre known as future house. Diario de Ibiza spoke to Oliver Heldens read the full interview below.

As he introduced himself, Oliver Heldens is joyful, fresh, catchy and summerish while my alter-ego HI-LO is more raw and dark, more bass-line driven. I have my own label Heldeep Records and a weekly radio show ‘Heldeep On Air’.

How did you start in the industry?
I would say, my first passion wasn’t music, it was more creating stuff. My father was really into music and he played a lot of different stuff, he was really into techno and drum & bass. I started playing keyboard when I was 11, but that didn’t really excite me very much. At the same period I got really into dance music, and then when I was 12, I went to high school and they threw really big school parties. And I thought I can make music at home and then DJs can play it and people dance to it? So I swapped my keyboard for FL Studio and started playing around with it. When I was 17 I signed a record deal with Spinnin’ Records. The same year I made Gecko, Koala, and Juggernaut, and a bunch of other stuff. They got released and everything exploded!

The most important year of your career and why?
I think 2014, after I released the track ‘Gecko’, things exploded really quickly. Everything went crazy after then.

How did you do famous collaborations?
I have had some awesome collaborations that I am really proud of, with some great artist. It still feels somewhat unreal that I now work with some of my idols in the industry. I don’t know how I did it actually, but there’s always a good vibe in the studio and that’s what I’m looking for.

Where are you looking for inspiration?
I look everywhere around me. I also produce a lot of music while on the road. So then you’re vibing off the positive energy from the shows, from the impressions you’re getting from all the new places and people.

Which is your favourite song?
That’s a though one, there is so much good music. So I wouldn’t say that I got an absolute favourite song really…

Do you have any special relationship with Ibiza?
Yeah I love the vibe on the island. It’s epic, and every time I’m here there is also so much positive energy.

What is your favourite place/ nightclub/ part of the island?
Well, I like to eat! We often eat at Cas Costas market and grill, which is very good I think. I also like to be in the ocean when there are big waves.
And club Hï as my favourite nightclub, also really like the vibes and the views at Mambo Beach, where I did a couple of the Hï pre-party’s this year, a lot of fun!

What are your next projects?
I’ll be playing Electric Zoo and Lollapalooza in September and some cool festivals in the UK. I will be releasing a lot of new music this year. I’ve been experimenting with some more disco sounding and a lot of vocal tracks that I can’t wait to share with all of you. And for this year Amsterdam Dance Event I’ll be hosting my own night in Paradiso Amsterdam.

Source: Diario De Ibiza

Oliver Heldens