January 21 2019

DGTL wins ‘A Greener Festival Award’

At the presentation of the ‘A Greener Festival Awards’ DGTL Festival received the highest possible rating and received the designation ‘Outstanding’ for the year 2018. This makes the event one of the most sustainable festivals in the world. Earlier this week the festival organization also received ‘The Green Operations Award’ and underlined their ambitions: “We want to become the most sustainable international festival organizer of the world.”

During Eurosonic Noorderslag, which took place last weekend in The Netherlands, DGTL received the ‘A Greener Festival Award 2018‘. DGTL is fast becoming the first circular and climate-neutral festival in the world. To achieve these goals, the organization is continuously working on the design of their events and is searching for the latest technological innovations. With their Revolution program DGTL is trying to inspire other festivals worldwide.

Claire O’Neill from AGF: “DGTL Amsterdam is a role model for a sustainability in the city and promotes its findings nationally and internationally.”

“Awarded for our hard work”
Jasper Goossen, owner of DGTL: “Both awards are a reward for the hard work of the past year. Throughout the year, we do everything we can to develop a sustainability program that helps us create a circular event and at the same time take our visitors on this journey with us. This award shows that it is possible to implement circular systems on a large scale without compromising quality or experience. In our opinion, this is the best way to introduce the world to a new economic paradigm, in which we say goodbye to our current linear behavior.”

Cross-sectoral knowledge sharing
Goossen: “Festivals are in the essence just like cities. With thousands (and sometimes tens or hundreds of thousands) of people, festivals can even exceed the population of the city where they are hosted. Unlike cities, festivals are temporary and are built up for just a few days a year. This rapid construction and demolition make them interesting case studies for circular design, recycling, upcycling and waste-free strategies. But festivals of course offer much more than just infrastructure: they are epicentres where it’s all about music, entertainment and food. This means that basic needs such as electricity, water, sanitation, catering and shelter all need to be facilitated.

All these characteristics make festivals ideal breeding grounds for circular innovations in the event industry and beyond. DGTL therefore has the ambition to share the gained knowledge about circular systems with companies, urban developers and governments in order to make an impact on a larger scale.”

DGTL: the most sustainable festival organizer in the world
The progressive festival organization is fast becoming the most sustainable international festival organizer in the world. To achieve that goal, DGTLdeveloped the sustainability program called ‘Revolution‘, which is part of a foundation called ‘Revolution Foundation‘. The Revolution Foundation has become an independent organization that will provide multiple festivals and events with circular systems.

The program consists of two of the most important sustainability ambitions of DGTL: (1) deal consciously and circularly with scarce raw materials and (2) minimize CO2 emission issues. Goossen: “DGTL embraces these themes and sees that change is necessary if we want to organize festivals for the generations to come.”

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