December 28 2018

Brooks, Infuze & SLVR deliver second round of remixes of Martin Garrix feat. Mike Yung’s Dreamer

Martin Garrix’s Dreamer collaboration with America’s Got Talent semi-STMPD RCRDS draws its huge year to a close with three more superb remixes of Martin Garrix and Mike Yung’s massive Dreamer single. Take your pick!

Listen here

Brooks’ chopped-up electro house version begins peacefully, building with muted keys and warm bass before exploding into a stuttering, euphoric groove. An epic main break makes good use of the melody before returning to the irresistible groove.

New York producer Infuze serves up a bright and breezy house number that combines classic stabby house chords with a plump bassline. He cuts up Yung’s ad-libs to great effect to provide another layer of rhythmic energy that really drives the track along.

SLVR gives the track one of his inimitable Booshi makeovers, taking it in a very different direction with those dark sounds. The breakdowns are tense and dramatic, and the resonating bass sounds of his killer groove is powerful and moody.

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