August 16 2017

Blasterjaxx about their nomination for the Big Room House award, ‘Temple’, and more

Comprised together between Dutch duo Thom Jongkind and Idir Mahklaf, Blasterjaxx is one of the most recognised names in all of electronic music today. Representing a variety of genres including Big Room House, Electro House and Dutch House, this Hague-originating duo has enjoyed collaborative success with the likes of Hardwell, W&W and Yves V amongst others.

Whilst Thom remains the driving force behind the Blasterjaxx touring wagon, both he and Idir complete the outstanding overall package that makes this pairing one of the most prolific acts around.

My Ibiza recently caught up with Netherlands natives, Blasterjaxx, and discussed what prompted them to chase a career behind the decks together, their nomination for the Big Room House award at this year’s DJ Awards and their latest release titled ‘Temple’.

First of all guys, how did you originally meet and what prompted you to chase a career behind the decks together as opposed to individuals?
“Before pairing up with Idir, I had already started Blasterjaxx. We knew each other via a mutual friend, and one day, he dropped by at the studio and we start working on a track together. The connection and vibe between us was really good, and I noticed how talented he was in making music. From that moment on, we were inseparable… we really shared the same passion for music.”

Focusing more on Ibiza now, what is so special to you about the party capital and why?
“This island is built for the parties, it’s the perfect destination where a lot of music lovers come together. It’s a real honour to play there as a DJ.”

What direction do you see the dance music nation heading now following the addition of Hï Ibiza, several new nightlife concepts and the re-emergence of San Antonio?
“We haven’t been to Ibiza this year, so haven’t experienced this yet. Really curious to see Hï Ibiza though!”

DJ Awards will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. How essential do you think this ceremony has been in contributing to keeping electronic music and Ibiza connected and ensuring all of those involved are recognised for their individual hard-working efforts?
“Ibiza is really important place for the music industry. An award coming from this island and focused on electronic music means a lot.”

You have been nominated by DJ Awards 2017 in the Big Room House category for this year’s ceremony. Congratulations! How honoured does it feel to be nominated for such a prestigious award?
“Thanks! It’s a real honour to be nominated for this award for sure. That recognition means a lot to us.”

For you, what attributes/qualities does an artist within Big Room House require to stand out from the crowd and be a success in today’s industry?
“Most important is to be your own unique self. Don’t be a copy cat or just follow the trends cause that what’s popular at the moment. Stay true to yourself and your fans!”

Let’s revisit an earlier question with the state of the island’s future, what kind of an impact do you think Big Room House can have on ensuring Ibiza maintains its status as the number one party destination in the world and why?
“Last year, we saw the popularity of Big Room drifting away, but still the big room genre is very important for the clubbing industry and so it is for Ibiza as well.”

Finally guys, your latest record titled ‘Temple’ is currently available. Can you tell us a little more about the story behind this concept and what inspired you creatively whilst in the studio producing this?
“We really started from scratch, we didn’t even had the drop yet. The melody that we used for this track, is one of our old melodies from 2010. After playing around with it, it all came together and felt really natural. This track is not too hard, but still very Blasterjaxx and a bit groovy. We’re really happy with this release!”

Source: My Ibiza