October 27 2017

Billboard Exclusive: Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso Funk a Wonderfully Weird Groove on ‘Only For Your Love’

While so many DJs and producers vie for the coveted pop crossover, Dutch dude Nicky Romero isn’t afraid to experiment. Sure, he’s done the classic, pretty remix of The Chainsmokers “Young,” went future on a remix of Linkin Park and Kiiara, and got deep in the feels with Cheat Codes, but he’s also stepped into some exciting territory, experimenting with synthwave sounds and getting raw with heavy electro synths.

Today, he continues to push his own envelope with “Only For Your Love,” a collaboration with Florian Picasso that’s as weird as it is funkdafied. It’s hella groovy, but the hook stomps with some kind of punchy dubstep-hardstyle half-breed. It’s one of the beefiest house tunes you’ll hear all year, which might explain why Romero was so damn excited about it.

“I started working on this idea begining of the summer, I sent it to Nicky and we decided to finish it together as a collab,” Picasso says in an emailed statement. “H decided to premiere it at Tomorrowland like two hours before his set, so I had to finish a clean version, and we were sending feedback back and forth ’till the very last minute before he jumped on the mainstage.”

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It must have been an epic moment in Boom, Belgium, when these fat synths first smacked the jumping hoards. It’s just familiar enough to be accessbile, but it bends the mind just enough to be in a class all its own.

“We both wanted to produce a record that was not only melodic and fun, but also one that translated across the spectrum of clubs, festivals and stadiums — something I think we’ve managed to achieve really effectively,” Romero says. “It’s always great collaborating with talented producers like Florian, and it’s been amazing to see the crowds’ responses over the course of the summer. We’re both super happy with how it’s turned out.”


Source: Billboard


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