December 13 2017

BBM Live chats with Jackmaster about being on tour

Jackmaster is easily one the planet’s top party starters, and Australia will be blessed with his excellent credentials over the NY period. With an ear for a future classic track and a penchant for old-school gold, a Jackmaster set can wildly fluctuate between party tracks from different decades. We caught up with the Scotsman ahead of his headlining performance at Australia’s number one NYD event, Melbourne’s Let Them Eat Cake…

Jack, thank you so much for chatting with me tonight- how are things going over in the US?
All of the shows have been wicked Frankie, they’ve all had a really busy crowd, and I’ve just been playing b2b with Midland too which has been top. Playing Output, and then straight onto Miami was incredible.

Sounds amazing- Midland is one of my closest mates from Leeds days, I would have loved to see you guys play b2b! I have been looking at your gig listing on RA- you have Australia coming up- you must be buzzing?! Have you played many gigs in Oz before?
Well I have never played these particular festivals before, so Let Them Eat Cake is one to really look forward to, and Lost Paradise too. The setting for LTEC looks pretty amazing. Usually I play Days Like This and mainly clubs, so New Years is going to be super special this year. I am in Bali for two weeks before the gigs too to generally keep my head down, allowing me to arrive with full vigour to Australia! It’s going to be roasting, bit different to Glasgow.

What tales do you have from past Australian gigs?
Oh, I have a few of those. The house and techno scene has really picked up over the last few years from my experience, and the crowds always wicked so it’s always a good party. The outdoor parties out there are amazing, there are also so many Scottish people there too, wherever I go actually – usually wearing their footy tops! Australia is a sneaky one, there’s some footage online of me playing there last time and I honestly felt like I was on the terrace at Space in Ibiza. Last time I was there, the day after my set we went out on my mate’s sailboat, and I must have been slightly inebriated as I decided to dive off and swallowed so much salt water. Thankfully some strapping, musicly Australian dived in and saved me from drowning, I am not the best swimmer!

Aww Aussies swooping in to save the day, glad they did! So when there’s no Scots in the crowd, or when you’re out on the road, what home comforts do you miss the most?
I mostly miss my mates when I am on the road, the birthdays and the weddings. I also miss my couch, deliveroo and TV too. I think this is the reason why I haven’t left Glasgow to move to London or Berlin- it’s because I spend such little time there, that the time I do spend at home is so valuable. If I was in Glasgow and didn’t have this job, I think I probably would have got myself into a bit of trouble, it can be a pretty crazy place party wise. It has the best scene.

When I see your sets online, I love the fact that you are so very open minded with your music choices, do you spend hours unearthing the old beauties?
I am like a gannet, I have a pretty insatiable appetite for music. But the issue is, is that I don’t often scratch the surface of all of the music I find as I just don’t have the time, which is why I really want to start a new radio show. I want to exercise my broad taste in electronic music. I do spend a lot of time on YouTube, ‘related search’ is a digger’s best mate- it is a never ending world of dance music, I do love dedicating my time to finding the oldies.

So what was the first single you remember buying?
I am a huge Oasis fan, so I believe my first single was Oasis which I begged my Mum to buy me. The first I remember actually buying, I remember going into Fopp record shop when I was really young and I asking or dance music, not sure why and it was a mix CD from a Leeds techno party with all the classics.
Yes! You’ve always had a good ear for tunes then! So where do you feel most inspired?
I definitely feel most inspired at home. This is the time where I end up hanging out with my mates, sharing the love and the most of all, the tunes.

Source: BBM Live