July 28 2021

At the insistence of the event sector, Dutch government announced it will decide on events without overnight stay on Monday after all, ID&T Group c.s. holds summary proceedings again

If the government decides to ban such events until September 1, the summary proceedings will be continued next week

Last Monday, the Dutch government announced it would wait giving a final decision on the continuation of events without overnight stay taking place from August 14 until for another three weeks. Following a meeting with the Alliantie van Evenementenbouwers and contact between the State Attorney and the lawyers of ID&T Group c.s., the Dutch government today announced that they intend to give a decision on said events on Monday 2 August.

The OMT has been asked to advise on events, which will happen on Friday and their advice will be taken into account in the new decision making process on events, that will be announced by the Dutch government during a press moment on Monday 2 August.

Rosanne Janmaat, COO of ID&T Group: “We are pleased that, together with the Alliantie van Evenementenbouwers, we have been able to convince our government of the necessity of quick decision-making for our industry. We assume that the decision that will be made on Monday will have a positive outcome and one-day events will be able to take place again as of August 14, obviously in a safe and responsible manner.”

Until the government comes up with a new decision, the summary proceedings filed by ID&T Group, together with 44 co-plaintiffs, will be held. If the government decides to ban events without an overnight stay until September 1, the summary proceedings will still be heard next week.


Background info

On Friday 9 July 2021, Dutch festival organization ID&T, known for events such as Mysteryland, Milkshake, and Decibel Outdoor, filed summary proceedings against the Dutch government following the new COVID measures in the Netherlands. After lifting a big part of the restrictions on events, cultural venues, and audiences at professional sports competitions and sports and youth activities 2 weeks ago, the Dutch government announced last Friday that at least until August 13th, all visitors have to be seated and only a limited number of visitors are allowed. This consequently leads to many cancellations of events.

ID&T, together with over 40 parties, among which the organizations behind events such as F1 Dutch Grand Prix Zandvoort, DGTL and Don’t Let Daddy Know, disagrees with the recent decision the Dutch government made to categorically ban non-seated public events and see the decision as carelessly prepared and incorrect.

After Minister De Jonge requested a meeting with the sector, which took place on Tuesday 20 July, the summary proceedings were previously put on hold. However, because on Monday 26 July it appeared that the government will not provide clarity on events without an overnight stay before 1 August, the organization and its co-plaintiffs felt compelled to continue the summary proceedings.