November 13 2020

Ask Us Anything | Shannon Schrader

Get to know us even better in our ‘Ask Us Anything’ segment, in which you ask question via Instagram, and our staff answers!
Up next: our PR Director Shannon Schrader. When asked if she’d rather be in ‘hustle mode’ or ‘chill mode’ she answered ‘Hustle for sure!!!’ Read on to find out what she expects from interns at The Media Nanny, and how she became a Scene Queen.

What are your tasks as a PR Director?
Making sure The Media Nanny delivers what the clients need haha! I oversee the accounts and make sure that our team of superstars is getting the job done. This means I help define the strategy, brainstorm with the team, attending key meetings with the client and of course be there as a ‘crisis PR Manager’ when shit hits the fan. 😉

Are you also in touch with the artists from The Media Nanny?
Yes definitely! We deal with management a lot but it’s important to stay in touch w/ the artist as well, after all they are the client!

What are some important skills that are required for your job and can be self taught?
I think most of the skills required for PR can be self taught actually! It’s important that you are enthusiastic and passionate and are able to transfer your enthusiasm to other people. It really helps if you have an open and positive vibe and connect easily with others. Being well-organized also comes in handy when running multiple accounts and projects at the same time. And specifically for PR in the music industry you better be able to perform without a good night’s rest haha! When you are on-site for a festival and it’s day 4 of a press trip that lasts day and night, you still need to be on top of your game and the light of the party! For my role as a PR Director it’s also important to keep a fair balance between the diverse interests involved as they can sometimes collide.

How did you become a scene queen?
Doing what I love!! #alwayshappywhendancing

What’s your best memory from festival season last year, while doing PR for a client?
That has to be UNTOLD. This is actually one of the festivals where we do a 4-day press trip to – Day and Night. It’s amazing, we go there w/ a few Nannies (which is always awesome of course) and 30 journalists and influencers or so. During the day we have all sorts of activities in the area and at night we all go to the festival together, it really feels like going to a festival with friends – but then for work and with people you don’t know yet! It’s really the best. UNTOLD is one of the biggest festivals, with almost 400K visitors, and the audience is so dedicated and passionate about music – just like I am! It has a killer line-up in all genres; Mainstream, Techno, Trance, Drum ‘n Bass, House etc. Oh I cannot wait to run around that big stadium again, I get goosebumps just thinking of it!!

What is the best advice you have for DJs, now with corona?
Be creative! Of course in the first months of Corona DJs used the extra time they suddenly had while not touring to rest and be with their loved ones, but now this situation is not getting better anytime soon you really need to be creative and work around it. Think of cool new concepts that can live online, try to do something extra compared to the other DJ’s, partner up w/ organizations or brands that are developing cool concepts. For instance David Guetta took livestreaming to a whole new level with his ‘United at Home’ series, integrating his fans into the livestream via Zoom – simple but brilliant! Next to all this of course lock yourself up in your studio and create, make music! Reinier Zonneveld for instance did a livestream just before the summer and premiered 14 (!) new tracks at once, all created in lockdown.

What are your expectations from interns at The Media Nanny?
Help us shine! No really, without interns we wouldn’t get the job done. Luckily we have had amazing interns and quite a few of them actually stayed on and are official Nannies now!

Dancing in the club or at a festival?
OMG it’s like Sophie’s choice!! Love love love dancing in a club because the music and the whole experience is a bit more intense because you kind of forget the world outside for a bit. But I also adore dancing outside, sunshine (or rain, it actually makes the vibe better in a way), people dancing as far as the eyes can see. Ohhh fast forward please!!!

Best party you’ve ever been to?
Haha another question that cannot be answered. I have so many; UNTOLD as I mentioned before, ASOT (dancing with 30,000 fellow members of the #trancefamily and lasers, oh those lasers!), DGTL (one of my favorite festivals, and right here in our hometown!) but also the 4-day (and non-stop) festival Wildeburg is in my list of favorites (running around like crazy in the Bamboebos w/ all my favorite people. It really cannot get better than that).

How many Nic(k)las work at Bootshaus in total?
Hahaha I want to say 4? But there might be more, it’s insane! 

Favorite trance artist?
There are so many, especially when you go oldschool. But if I have to choose I have to say Armin van Buuren. It’s extraordinary what he has accomplished over the years and especially what he has built; the acclaimed Armada and above all his label, radio show and epic party A State Of Trance. It’s almost unbelievable to see how dedicated his fans are. I’ve seen fans from all over the world traveling to Utrecht for ASOT and also in Romania at UNTOLD people go crazy when he takes the stage or gives a shout out – so special! (of course I am a bit biased since his team of superstars is gifting me merch sometimes – thank you!! ;))

Choose a mood: hustle or chill?
Hustle for sure!!! I’ll chill when I meditate or do yoga but other than that give me some action please!

Do you have any advice for PR students who want to develop their skills?
Do your internship at an agency with different kinds of clients, this way you can experience different ways of working. Also, try to get your friends enthusiastic about something you believe in. This can be a product, artist or even a party when those can happen again. In the end PR is all about getting other people as hyped about something as you are.

How do you schedule your day?
Thank god for Monday (the planning system, not the day itself haha. Well, i’m always off on Mondays so I can’t complain ;))

Shannon Schrader