January 28 2021

Ask Us Anything | Sabine Kok

It’s time for a brand-new ‘Ask Us Anything’! This week’s answers to your questions come from our Managing Director Sabine.

When asked what she thinks the strengths of The Media Nanny are, she answered: “we are a very strong and close team, it’s a nice mix in terms of ages, backgrounds and experiences and that’s something we really benefit from when we’re coming up with creative PR plans!”

Read on to find out what she thinks are the most important features for interns, her tips for surviving the lockdown and more.

How would you describe your role at The Media Nanny?
My work is very diverse, but I focus on managing the company and the team together with our management team. I am also in charge of the sales meetings and make an inventory of the wishes and goals of a potential client. Then I make a proposal and a plan, after which we develop it into a great PR campaign with input from the team.

Which study did you follow and how does it help you in your job today?
I studied journalism because I’ve always loved writing. I worked in media for a few years as an editor and editor in chief for various magazines. I really enjoyed that time and I learned a lot, but it is also a lonely profession because you are mainly on the road by yourself. That’s why I made the switch to the music industry at one point, also because I am a huge music and events lover. After several jobs in that industry, I still use my experience with communication, my knowledge of media, music and events and my broad network in the job I have now, every day.

What’s the most special project you’ve worked on so far?
I don’t work on projects specifically in terms of content – our PR managers do that much better than I do – but I love hearing innovative and enthusiastic ideas from potential new clients and developing creative PR campaigns for them.

What is the first thing you do when you arrive at the office?
First I grab a coffee, of course. Then I make a list of things I thought of the night before and on my way to work, so I write down everything that I would like to do that day. A day often turns out differently than expected, because there are always new developments and opportunities. Which I like very much, because I get bored easily. 🙂

What do you think are the strengths of The Media Nanny compared to other PR agencies?
I have already had the opportunity to work at a number of different companies and what I really like about The Media Nanny is that we are a very strong and close team. It’s a nice mix in terms of ages, backgrounds and experiences. Something we really benefit from when we’re coming up with creative PR plans, where everyone can always come up with ideas. The fact that the energy is so good internally is also something that our clients experience the benefits of. We only work with artists, events, brands and athletes that we find inspiring, we understand our clients well and are always willing to go that extra mile. Also in the evening and on weekends. It doesn’t feel like work at all, because we really feel part of the client’s team.

What are the requirements for an internship at The Media Nanny?
Excellent knowledge of the Dutch and English language (speaking and writing), graphic skills (Photoshop, InDesign) and social media skills.

What are the most important features you are looking for in your interns?
Affinity with music, events, brands and athletes. Also, affinity with communication, marketing and PR. We like it if you’re flexible, proactive and someone who also enjoys VrijMiBo’s. 🙂

Do you have any tips for surviving the lockdown?
Don’t focus on the negative news too much, surround yourself with people who also have a positive attitude and get going with a fun hobby. I couldn’t even fry an egg before the lockdowns (so to speak), and now I have finished several cookbooks, started taking (online) painting lessons and am finally reading the books that have been sitting on the shelf here collecting dust for months. And always have music and/or a live stream playing in the background, it really helps your mood. I can’t wait to be at an event again! 

Sabine Kok