February 23 2021

Ask Us Anything | Maud Borgmans

Get ready for a new ‘Ask Us Anything’! Up next: our PR Assistant Maud.


Maud started out as an intern back in 2018. “Fun fact: I wanted to be an intern at The Media Nanny so bad I didn’t apply anywhere else, luckily I got the internship,” she said. 


Keep on reading to find out Maud’s role as a PR assistant, her favourite food, and more.


When did you first come across The Media Nanny?

Both José and I are horse riders so I knew who she was through that. Some of my friends compete on an international level and José had given them media training a few years back. They told me about that, I did some research about her and The Media Nanny and decided I wanted to do my internship at The Media Nanny. Fun fact: I wanted to be an intern at TMN so bad I didn’t apply anywhere else, luckily I got the internship!


How did you become a PR Assistant?

I started out as an intern in September 2018 and after my internship TMN offered me a job! I still had to go to school for 1,5 years to finish my studies so during that period I became a PR Assistant. 


Describe a workday!

Every day is totally different! The only three things that I do every day are: checking my mail for urgent matters when I wake up, a call with my superstar intern Amy at 9 and then I go through my emails thoroughly. The rest of my day is usually filled with meetings with media outlets, external brands and clients, calls with my colleagues, writing press releases, coordinating interviews and composing social media strategies for some of my accounts.


What do you want to achieve as a PR Assistant?

No matter my role, I always want to do my job to my best ability and make my clients happy! Besides I hope to learn as much as possible from the Senior PR Managers while working with them as a PR Assistant so I’m ready to rock my new responsibilities as a Junior this year!


What’s the most special project you’ve worked on?

Good question! I’ve worked on so many cool projects and because we have such a diverse roster, every client/project you work on is totally different. I think that’s actually one of the reasons why I like my job; working with so many different kinds of clients, from artists to labels and from brands to athletes, I really couldn’t choose just one that’s most special but I love that they’re all completely different.


What’s the least enjoyable task of your job?

Looking for clippings, haha! When you’ve sent out a press release it’s really nice to see a lot of outlets have shared the links, but looking for them and collecting them can be a bit boring.


Favorite food?

Sushi or pizza.


What’s the best lockdown series/film you’ve watched?

I have re-watched some series on Netflix during the lockdown because I hate short series (I binge watch them in one weekend and then I have to look for a new one). My all time favorite is The Vampire Diaries, but I recently re-watched The 100, Prison Break and Suits as well and I loved Bridgerton! Unbroken was definitely the best movie I’ve watched during lockdown.

Maud Borgmans