April 29 2021

Ask Us Anything | Mandy Boomgaarden

Ask Us Anything – Mandy

If you would give future interns advice, what would it be?
Just go for it and be open minded to whatever comes on your path and the feedback that you get. Also don’t forget to remind yourself that you’re an intern, so wherever you’ll do an internship, you’re there to learn a lot and gain some practical knowledge of the workfield.

What’s the coolest project you have been working on?
The debut track of Ryan Babel was one of the coolest projects I have been working on so far! It was pretty cool to already work on his release for quite a while and then finally see how the public and the media received it once it was released.

What do you like most about the workfield of PR?
Building up and maintaining good relationships with journalists and media contacts and anticipating the vibrant environment you’re working in is what I like most about PR. I personally believe that when working in PR, one’s relationship with the media is one of the most important things to be able to help your clients.

Have you ever studied in a foreign country?
Yes I have actually! At the beginning of last year I went to Latvia for half a year as part of my bachelor studies. It was honestly one of the best experiences in my life. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people, discover a foreign country in a different way, and have lots of fun of course. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who gets the chance to.

How do you keep up with networking while everything is online, but you meet new people?
It can be difficult at times to be fair and I believe that if the situation was normal, building relationships would be quite different. However, I’m really lucky that I have such sweet colleagues that I talk to daily via phone, Zoom or Slack. It also makes a big difference that our team is quite young, so connections are easily made!

What clients would you love to be working with? Both from the existing roster and the clients The Media Nanny doesn’t work with yet.
From our existing roster, I would love to work more with ID&T who organises amazing events. I think it’s such a cool company and pretty awesome that The Media Nanny works with them! I love festivals myself, so working with them is quite bucketlist material. As for clients we don’t work with, I would love for The Media Nanny to start working with Superstruct (since I love festivals so much)! With their festivals you’re just in another world for a brief moment and I love that.

What is your favorite VrijMiBo song?
Recently The Weeknd made a remix of his song Save Your Tears with Ariana Grande. Love it! I’m digging it so much. It smoothly brings you in the weekend vibes ;). You can listen to it here.

Mandy Boomgaarden