December 1 2020

Ask Us Anything | Lysanne Gerrits

Ready for a brand-new ‘Ask Us Anything’? Our segment in which you ask question via Instagram, and our staff answers! It’s time to see the answers of our PR Intern Lysanne.

She talks about how she became an intern at The Media Nanny, what her tasks are and gives some tips on PR courses. Curious to know her greatest learning so far? Keep reading.

How did you end up at The Media Nanny?
I’m studying ‘Communication’ and I’m in my third year right now. I had to look for a 5 month internship and I remember seeing José speaking about The Media Nanny in an interview and I thought, it would be so cool if I can do my internship there! I immediately sent my application and a few weeks later I started as an intern!

What attracted you to the company?
I wanted to do my internship at a company that is internationally oriented and that is ambitioned to grow. 

What kind of stuff do you do most on a work day?
A lot haha! As an intern you do stuff for almost every account, which I think is really cool. Everyday is totally different, one day I’m working on a pitchlist for a new release, the other day I’m writing a press release or I’m creating a new segment for our socials.

Which tasks do you enjoy the most?
I love writing, so I would say writing a press release, a pitch or an interview. But what I also like is that in the last months they added a lot of new names and brands to their roster and I learned a lot by seeing how these projects are being set up from the start.

Which accomplishment you achieved during your internship are you most proud of?
For my school assignment I had to create two new segments for the social media accounts of The Media Nanny. Together with the social team we created ‘Staff Selection Specials’ and ‘Ask Us Anything’. It’s really nice to see something you worked on becoming reality and to see people being enthusiastic about it.

What’s the coolest project you’ve been working on?
The TMN ADE press day! Due to COVID, ADE could’t fully happen this year but we made the best out of it and we organised an online press day for our artists. It was really cool to work together with these big media outlets and set up some nice interviews.

How can you become an intern at The Media Nanny?
If you’re studying something in the field of Communication, Marketing or PR and you’re interested in becoming an intern at The Media Nanny, my advice would be to just apply! And also for other companies, although they might not have a vacancy, you can always try and send them your application. You never know. 🙂

What do you think are the strengths of The Media Nanny?
The company has over 10 years of experience and a dedicated team that works super hard for our clients. I think the team spirit that we have is definitely a strength, as well as our massive network.

How do you start PR with new upcoming talent?
It always starts with laying out the strategy! Setting goals and determining focus points. Strategy is key to a good PR plan.

Does your company think of organizing workshops for students who want to improve themselves in the field of PR and entertainment? Any online course you’d suggest to study PR?
Our founder & CEO José has created an awesome course with The School of House on PR! Definitely worth checking out.

What’s the most challenging thing for you during this COVID period?
The first few weeks of my internship we could still go to the office everyday, but now everybody works from home and I think that’s the most challenging part for me. Unfortunately I don’t see my colleagues that much and I really miss getting lunch together or just having a quick chat about something else than work.

What’s been your greatest learning at The Media Nanny so far?
When I started as an intern I thought; I learned a lot of theory stuff at school but do I know how this works in practice? My biggest learning lesson would be that you just have to dare to do things, even though you never tried it before. And if you’re not sure about something, just ask. In the beginning I found it difficult, but now I know it’s totally fine to ask for help. 

Lysanne Gerrits