May 14 2021


It’s time for a brand-new ‘Ask Us Anything’! This week’s answers to your questions come from none other than our CEO and founder José. She tells you all about her take on how the world of music will evolve, shares tips for the dreamers and starters among us, and tells us why she loves her job so much.

Read on to find the answers to your burning questions!

When did you know you wanted to start your own company?
I always worked for myself. I had my first company when I was 18 years old and during my studies of Media Entertainment and Management I was asked by friends, who were DJs, to help them promote their events, write their biographies or handle their social media. When it got more serious, I thought maybe this is the business I need to set up and that’s when I started!

What does someone need to do to get an internship at TMN?
To get an internship at The Media Nanny, you need to send over your motivation, background, and resume to info@themediananny.nl. We get a lot of applications and we’re always looking for someone who fits into the team, e.g. what someone’s personal interests are, because we really see our team as a family. So it’s very important that we get along with each other and that everyone is happy and feeling safe within the team. It’s of course nice if you have a marketing type of background, but it’s not a real requirement. It’s also about the passion you have for the industry and for the job.

In 2020 everyone tried to reinvent themselves, how will the world of music evolve according to you?
I think during this year we all had the time to become aware of what we want in life and how we see our job and the industry, but also how we can redefine the industry. When it comes to events and enjoying music together, I think it will be back to how it used to be, because music will always unite people and I’m pretty sure it won’t take very long anymore until we can celebrate our amazing industry all together at festivals.

Do you have any tips for career dreamers / starters?
My biggest tip is to always look for a company or a person that really inspires you. Don’t just look at the type of job, but specifically look at the industry and then the type of company that you see yourself working for in the future. It’s really important that the company fits you. You can start with a simple job and work your way up in the company to your dream job.

You recently started doing management with SEG artists as well, do you still work in PR or do you mainly focus on management now?
PR will always be a part of my life I think. It’s also part of doing management for artists, but I really wanted to broaden my horizon and learn to do other things when it comes to managing artists. The merger with SEG gave me that opportunity!

What is the thing you love the most about your job?
I love my job, because it’s in a very dynamic industry. I love music, I always have. I love to work with people, not just within my roster of talents, but also the people in the office. I love my team. It gives me a lot of energy when I see people go to their job with a big smile on their face or when we’re all celebrating at a festival and at places like ADE together. It makes me realise how lucky we are and how blessed I am to be working in this industry with the job I have.

Do you have any tips for people that want to work in the scene?
If you want to work in this industry it’s really about building your network as early as possible. Hang around events where people are working or where artists you love are playing. It’s also really about what kind of company you’d love to work for. Do you see yourself working at a big major label or at a boutique PR agency? Do research on what type of people work at certain companies and start networking. It doesn’t help to stay at home and dream about it, but really go after it!

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