December 18 2020

Ask Us Anything | Iris Willemsen

It’s time for a brand-new ‘Ask Us Anything’! This week’s answers to your questions come from Junior PR Manager Iris. When asked what she thinks the return of live events will be like, she answered “it’s going to be emotional for sure!”

Read on to find out her favorite movie genre, advice on being in lockdown and more.

What do you think the return of live events will be like?
I think it will be emotional for sure! The very first moment we can all unite on the dance floor again will be unforgettable. Can’t wait!

What would be your advice to beginning PR Managers?
I believe you learn best by doing it, that’s why I applied for an internship at The Media Nanny in my final year. Learned so much from working here with diverse clients and looking at the experts that are my colleagues now. So my advice would definitely be to try to find a relevant internship in PR. Next to that, it’s always good to stay up to date with all trends in the industry and field of PR.

Which study did you follow and how does it help you in your job today?
I studied Art & Economics at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. Always explain this course as learning about the business side of the creative industry. It helps me in my work today as I’ve learned to use my creativity to the fullest, also in projects that aren’t as creative. My study also gave me insight into how to create the best plan for different projects and working with different kinds of art.

How do you become a client of The Media Nanny?
All (future) industry leaders can send an e-mail to business@themediananny.nl! My lovely colleagues will pick up your request.

What are the less enjoyable parts of your job?
The end of my workday. 😉

Does the PR team also go on tour with artists?
Not per se, as an agency we work on multiple accounts so we can’t be at multiple places at the same time. We do however do press on site at events/press days for our artists, festivals and brands!

Favorite movie genre?
I’m always down for a good (psychological) thriller! Love it when a movie leaves me shocked by all the twists and turns, so much that it makes me want to rewatch it to see all the details.

Who’s favorite artist?
Kaytranada! Been a huge fan of his for a long time, really love his unique sound.

What’s your advice for people in lockdown?
Use this time to do the things you’ve never made time for. Read some books, follow a course, dive into your hobby, anything! Also, make sure to talk to people. Even though it might not be the same as being together in a room, a simple phone call to your friends and family can work miracles. Most of all: stay positive and know better times are coming.

Iris Willemsen