January 14 2021

Ask Us Anything | Ezra Geldof

Ready for a brand-new ‘Ask Us Anything’? Our segment in which you ask questions via Instagram, and our staff answers! This week our PR intern Ezra answers all your questions.

When asked what’s on her bucket list for 2021 she answered ‘I am nearing the end of my internship and will be done next month. I want to complete it as good as possible!’ Curious to know what Ezra thought of her internship, what she learned & what she wants in the future? Read on!

How did you get an internship at The Media Nanny?
I was looking for an internship as part of my marketing and communication studies. Through people I know I managed to get an interview with a team member of The Media Nanny and I was happy that I got the job. This internship suits me completely because I love music, social media and marketing!

What did you learn during this internship that you didn’t learn at school?
Through this internship I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned how to plan my work and how to communicate better. My English has improved significantly because I constantly have to write in English and also need to speak it a lot.

Which skills/programs have you mastered during your internship?
There are many online programs that I didn’t know about before and I can now easily use, such as Canva where I make Instagram posts and stories for The Media Nanny socials.

Do you feel like this job is tough to handle if you don’t have much background in PR?
When I started the internship, PR was completely new to me. Writing pitches and press releases can be difficult at first. Over time I got much better at these tasks, just by doing it. I think it’s all about the effort you put into it!

When will you be looking for new interns?
A new internship period will start in September!

How’s working from home in these times?
In general, working at home is fine because we communicate a lot with each other. I do think it is much less fun than working in the office because you can’t see your colleagues and it is just more convenient when you’re working closely together.

What’s on your bucketlist for 2021?
I am nearing the end of my internship and will be done next month. I want to complete it as good as possible! I’m also looking forward to moving onto the next year of school and of course I hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone than 2020!

Ezra Geldof