May 28 2021

Ask Us Anything | Cathelijne Noortman

Get ready for a brand new ‘Ask Us Anything’! Our joyful Senior PR Manager Cathelijne has answered all of your burning questions Starting in the fashion and lifestyle industry, Cathelijne has now already been working  in the music industry at The Media Nanny for over 3 years. “Over the past years, we’ve explored different and new industries at The Media Nanny and started working with some amazing brands as well, which I’m very happy with because it provided me with the opportunity to combine both passions: Music & Brands.” Keep on reading to find out what her special relationship with the song Chori Chori Hum Gori Se is, what she finds the most challenging thing and what she loves most about her job, and her favorite memories so far at TMN


What was your journey to The Media Nanny?

I always love this question! I was working at a fashion and lifestyle PR agency where I learned the ropes of the PR industry. After 2.5 years the time came that I needed a change, to spread my wings and switch it up! I came across a PR manager vacancy at The Media Nanny and thought “hmm, not sure”, mostly because I come from the fashion and lifestyle industry and The Media Nanny’s core business is music. After a few days I came across the same vacancy again on another channel and I thought “That’s funny, but still not sure”, but I was definitely intrigued. When I came across the vacancy once again a few days later, I knew for sure, this is no coincidence anymore, this is meant to be! A letter, 1 email and 1 job interview later with our CEO José, I was working at The Media Nanny within 2 weeks. Now 3 years later already, I’m a senior PR manager at The Media Nanny, working with amazing clients and the best Nanny team on a daily basis.


Three things a senior PR manager needs in her bag!?

Haha well, the people who know me know all too well I can be pretty chaotic and you will find the weirdest things in my bag, stuff I didn’t even know were in there. So besides the bag mayhem that’s called Cathelijne’s Chaos, I will list the 3 things that are essential to have in your bag as a senior PR Manager. The first item you need is definitely a charged power bank (especially if you’re working on-site)! Secondly your phone, you can’t go anywhere without your phone, we need to be reachable at all times. And last but not least, airpods, since we’re always on the go so we can call handsfree wherever whenever. 


What’s it like working in music PR compared to fashion PR?

The basics of PR remain the same, generating as much publicity as possible for the client! Brand PR and artist PR can be different, but that’s mostly due to the media outlets you approach with your story. For artists for example you set up interviews with Billboard, but for a brand an extensive interview with Vogue has the most value, depending on the brand of course. I loved working in the fashion industry, but found a new love for the music industry working at The Media Nanny. Over the past years, we’ve explored different and new industries at The Media Nanny and started working with some amazing brands as well, which I’m very happy with because it provided me with the opportunity to combine both passions: Music & Brands.


What song do you listen to when you have a tight deadline?

If I have a tight deadline, I like to listen to up-tempo music, somehow it just makes you go faster and it will get you in the right mood to get stuff done! Baianá, the Pablo Fierro Edit or Mali Mali from Disclosure are great tracks to type away with. It’s also really depending on my mood though, I love to listen to classical music such as Bach while working as well.


What’s your favourite Vrijmibo song?

Haha this is definitely FOR SURE one of the all time favorites from the entire Nanny team: Chori Chori Hum Gori Se, I’m already laughing while typing this. We have the craziest choreography to this song and dance away with the whole team when it’s playing during our after work drinks, or as we call it in Dutch, “vrijmibo’s”. There’s actually a lot of footage from us dancing to this, but luckily for us these are private videos haha!


What has been one of your favourite moments/memories at The Media Nanny so far?

This is a really difficult question! So many amazing moments and memories to choose from. So I’m not going to choose haha, but sum up a few highlights! For sure Miami Music Week and Ultra festival, all the crazy ADE weeks with the team, our crazy vrijmibo’s that somehow always end with the chori dance, going to LA with an amazing squad of all female DJ and producers, our team trip to the Tijdloos Glamping, but for sure my best moments and memories are with the amazing Nanny team throughout the year who I can call my dear friends as well.


What’s your favourite Vrijmibo game?

Everyone that knows me a little, knows I LOVE to play games! And no, I’m not exaggerating, I really really really love to play games. So choosing just 1 Vrijmibo game is tricky, but my favorites are “who’s the man”, 30 seconds and playing werewolf with the team. Playing games during the vrijmibo is most of the time forced by me though haha, but everyone is definitely a good sport and we usually compromise by playing at least 1 game! I do always end up apologizing for my competitive nature #oops, but come on, who’s not in it to win it?


What do you like the most about your job?

That’s difficult to choose as well! There are so many things I love about my job, the people you meet, the amazing clients you work with, the connections you make over the years and of course seeing projects and campaigns ending with the best possible results achieved for the client. I also love having inspiring and exciting new business meetings with potential new clients. I get a lot of energy from these conversations in which you immediately have so many ideas about what the best strategy would be etc. What I also really like about my job is that we give a lot of creative input for projects, going to the drawing table and coming up with fun campaigns that for sure will generate buzz within the media! But what I love most is the insanely hard working power team I work with every day; The Nanny’s.


What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Every challenge usually comes with great success as well. Achieving great results after a project was challenging is one of the best feelings of the job! Challenging in general could be that you have to juggle multiple clients / projects at the same time, all with their own very tight deadlines and wishes, so being able to multitask and prioritize is really key if you want to work in PR. Work with clear overviews for yourself, create detailed timelines and always have your to-do list with you, if this is no problem for you, you’ll for sure knock it out of the park in PR! But no worries, being a little chaotic is also perfectly fine! You will just annoy your colleagues a little from time to time haha – which is also FINE haha!

Cathelijne Noortman