April 15 2021

Ask Us Anything | Anabelle Kemplen

Take a seat for a brand new ‘Ask Us Anything’! This week it was the turn of our lovely Senior PR Manager Anabelle! Anabelle started working at TMN back in 2017, when she left Australia to come work for our company in Amsterdam. “I’m very fortunate to work with incredible clients from across the globe. We’re Amsterdam based and certainly made up of mostly Dutchies, but we operate on a global scale.” she said.Curious about Anabelle’s best tips on how to improve yourself in PR and her favorite thing about living in Amsterdam? Keep on reading to find out!


What is the criteria for your team to work with upcoming artists?
We love to work with a mix of established artists who are leading the industry and newer artists who are changing the game in their own right. We come onboard at various stages in an artist’s career. Each case is different however our main criteria is that an artist has a steady music release schedule and (in regular times) tour schedule. This gives us the ammo we need to craft a PR strategy and achieve great press results.


What have you learned the most from so far?
I’ve learned the most from times I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new things as part of my work.


How did you become a nanny?
I first met our Founder & CEO José in the summer of 2017 for an interview when I was visiting Amsterdam. It took a few months for me to finally make the move from Australia but I’ve had the pleasure of working at The Media Nanny ever since!


How could someone improve themselves in PR during university?
Take on internships, follow a variety of media outlets and read stories everyday, become an expert on the media landscape, pay attention to industry trends, read up on interesting campaigns, listen to industry podcasts, hone in on your writing skills … the list goes on 🙂


How is it to work in a Dutch company as someone from Australia?
It’s great! I’m very fortunate to work with incredible clients from across the globe. We’re Amsterdam based and certainly made up of mostly Dutchies but we operate on a global scale and have the pleasure of working with a network of media internationally. I do get reminded (rightly so) that it’s time to brush up my Dutch language skills but hey, luckily the Dutch are some of the best English speakers in the world!


Living in Amsterdam, what’s your favourite thing about the city?
The convenience! 10-15 minutes on your bike and you’ve reached your destination.
No matter where you need to go in Amsterdam, somehow an Uber ride is always about 10 minutes too. Not to mention the abundance of festivals and events to choose from every weekend in regular times…


What do you like the most about your job?
My team! The nannies are like a family.


What would be your #1 tip to develop yourself in PR and Marketing while on the work floor?
Ooze confidence!

Anabelle Kemplen