April 1 2021

Ask Us Anything | Amy Hoek

Get ready for a new ‘Ask Us Anything’! Up next: our PR Intern Amy.

Amy started this year as an intern at TMN. “My friend told me about TMN a couple of years ago, I followed them on Instagram and as it’s a PR business full of power women it has always stuck with me as a cool learning place.” she said. Curious about Amy’s best tip to prepare for an internship at TMN and her personal experiences so far? Keep on reading to find out!


How did you end up at The Media Nanny?

My friend told me about TMN a couple of years ago, I followed them on Instagram and as it’s a PR business full of power women (AND involved with some of my favorite artists) it has always stuck with me as a cool learning place. Throughout the years I learned more about PR and it really became one of my dream internships. Once the time came around to send in an application, I sent in a video of myself and here I am!!


What is your best tip to prepare yourself to become an intern at TMN?

Look around on socials and try to get familiar with writing! A cool thing I’m doing all the time now is staying in touch with journalists, influencers and brands. It’s nice to know some things about them beforehand and when you reach out to them with a press release, question or offer it’s always nice to have some experience in writing texts!


What did you study?

I am studying Creative Business at Inholland, this used to be called ‘Media & Entertainment Management’, that specifies it a bit more. I recently minored in International Music Management, which also gave me a lot of useful insights into the music industry. 


How was your first week as an intern? And how is it so far?

My first week was a whole lot to take in but very fun! I loved working here from the start, but after weeks of doing barely anything but hanging out inside it was definitely a big step working 40 hours a week all of a sudden. I really enjoyed learning all of the new things and getting to know more about the clients. Especially meeting my colleagues in real life for the first time was very fun. I totally feel the same about it now and the time has flown by, I can’t believe i’m almost halfway through my internship already!


How do you choose the artist you work with?

As an intern you usually work with the clients your mentor works with. However, you can always tell them if you’re really interested in a specific client and they will try to involve you with these accounts. In that way you can find out for yourself which type of clients you like working for best. I like the mix of working with brands and artists because it’s never the same and this way I get to experience both types of clients.


What is your favourite task you have done so far?

Tough question! I really enjoy making mood boards for photoshoots and being involved with organizing things like venues, events and brand partnerships. I also like working on the layout for pitches and socials even though there is still a lot for me to learn when it comes to that.


What is your favourite account to work on? And why?

There are a lot of clients I really enjoy working with. But I’ve really loved being involved with Oliver Heldens. Looking for venues and designing and writing press releases for artists under his label for example. It has really been a rollercoaster for me but I like the challenge and it really pushes me to become better at writing and PR eventually.


What did you expect beforehand from your internship?

I expected to do a lot of the same things everyday but really every day is different and that’s what makes this internship so fun for me!

Amy Hoek