October 12 2021

Amsterdam Dance Event – The Media Nanny Memories

It is the week we have all been waiting for, it is finally time for the return of ADE. A lot of events are ahead of us the coming week and to get you in the mood, we decided to share our favourite memories of previous years with you. Enjoy the read while our nannies take you along on their best experiences…

Shannon Schrader
My fav ADE memory; aaah man that’s Sophie’s choice for me!! There are so so many as this is my fav time of the year, but if I must decide I will go w/ the first ADE I experienced as a Nanny back in 2017. After experiencing this insane event week as a visitor for so many years it was so special to finally experience the backside of it all. All of a sudden I was in charge of handling press and meeting w/ managers of artists I used to see only behind decks. Happiest girl alive. On the Sunday of this week in heaven I closed ADE off in style at our own Audio Obscura and one of their infamous Loft sessions. None other than Job Jobse, one of my all-time fav dj’s, was playing. I was dancing in front of the DJ booth in my Trance merch and all of a sudden he points at my shirt and mixes in one hell of a Trance classic! I was filming at that moment so by coincidence I have that moment on camera haha. Perfect ending to a perfect week. ADE 2021 LET’S GOOOO.

Maud in ‘t Veld
My first ADE with The Media Nanny was in 2019 and it was insane! Of course our annual team kick-off on Tuesday is the best start of the crazy week we have ahead us. Also I was able to attend our annual ADE diner that we organised together with Audio Obscura and The Brand Father. Nick Bril (The Jane Antwerp) and his team cooked us an amazing diner and the atmosphere at The Loft was just amazing.

Anabelle Kemplen
My favorite memory was ADE 2018, when David Guetta played an intimate Jack Back set at the Mad Fox. Afterwards, we went straight to Tiga. One for the books!

Cathelijne Noortman
My favorite ADE memory is one that repeats itself every year: our Nanny kickoff at the first day of Amsterdam Dance Event. We always start the week with a team dinner, which ends in a crazy, chaotic, but mostly hilarious finish at a random karaoke bar in Amsterdam. It’s also the night most of us are already losing our voices before the week even starts haha! 

Lonneke de Boer
I love it when brands organize cool stuff during ADE, like the Absolut party I went to in 2017. Can’twait to experience ADE for the first time as a Nanny this year!

Jaëlle Laurence Günther
My first ADE with The Media Nanny was in 2019, when I was an intern for the best of the best Cathelijne. She took me along with her to absolutely everything, from interviews, to mixers, to radio shows and early morning sets. I had the best time because I got to see all of it 🙂 This video is from The Blessed Madonna’s set at DGTL in the early morning hours, I’ll never forget it!

Maud Borgmans
For me it’s not one specific memory but the whole week – the preparations you have to do and the excitement you feel in the weeks leading up to ADE, all coming together in just one week. Even though it’s a pretty intense week, I get so much energy from everything. From doing press with our clients at our own press days and meeting relations at our annual ADE mixer to on-site interviews at events and meeting the team somewhere in the middle of the night to have 20 minutes of dancing all together at one of our clients’ events. I can’t wait to make many many more amazing memories this year!

Famke Bunschoten
One of my favorite ADE memories was ADE 2018 at Mystic Garden X Dockyard. Dancing on top of the DJ booth and watching the crowd go absolutely crazy. Can’t wait to hit the dancefloor with team TMN this year.   

Nico van der Woude
My favorite ADE memory was at ADE 2019 in Paradiso at the Tchami x Malaa show. I stood on the top balcony, looking down at a giant group of people going crazy. So much energy, so many moshpits and a perfect act for a show in an old church. 

Tess Bijlsma
My favourite ADE memory  is from a while ago in 2016 when I went to ADE for the first time. I went to Elrow After Hours in Wester Unie with a group of friends and it was an amazing experience. A good ambience with great music and nice people. This year there is a lot more on the schedule as with The Media Nanny we will both host and organise our annual dinner and mixer as well as attending multiple events of our clients. I can not wait to rock this week with the team and see what this years ADE has to offer!

Esmiralda de Bie
My favorite event is awakenings. So happy to finally be able to visit again this year, so excited. This year I will also visit Reinier Zonneveld, Audio Obscura and Elrow. I also visit the Philips event and amaze x vunzige deuntjes 

Iris Buitenhuis
This year will be my first year partying at ADE and I am sooo excited! I’m really looking forward to making fun new memories this week with my friends and my colleagues from TMN. After almost two years of no festivals and parties, I will be dancing and partying extra hard this week!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our experiences of the past years and party along with us this week. Keep an eye out on our socials to see what we are up to!

ADE2021, The Media Nanny